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Look here for information on the locations, people, and history of ares in the campaign “The Dagger Rusts.”

Background Story

You leave the gnomes behind, and make your way through winding tunnels, hoping that the gnomes directions are accurate, and that you are heading for the surface.

After a few days, you begin to feel the air lighten, and you know that you are on the right track. Before you see daylight, however, the tunnels begin to change. They are no longer the winding natural tunnels the run through the Underdark. They have a regular, uniform size and shape, and periodically pillars of stone hold the ceiling up above you..

After only a few hours spent in these obviously worked tunnels, you meet a short, stocky, hairy woman with a large pick-axe over her shoulder. She introduces herself as Bardryn, and leads you out of the tunnels and into the town of Quarry Hill.

Main Page

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